The night she came…

When she peeped in through the window, to tell you the truth, I was least expecting her. Drawn deep into self pity and my own musings, I sat oblivious to her presence all the while. She hopped in and settled down on the writing desk, against which I sat with my chin in hands, morose, detached, while a tear or two rolled down my cheeks.

What had Life come to be? So much of anticipation, so much of preparation, some much of standing up after having fallen down, had come to Nothing. Life had betrayed me again.

The silence of the night, the ticktock of the wall clock and the hum of the ceiling fan aided the scene.

All this while I brooded over my shattered world, she waited patiently. Eventually having spent a good enough time hoping that I will notice her, she decided to move in a little more. Abandoning the writing desk, she tiptoed into the room and jumped onto the cozy bed.

Meanwhile, I took my own sweet time to revel in my misery, I found peace in mourning. When I was at last overwhelmed by my forlorn thoughts, I decided to withdraw from the sadness in to the present. Gathering myself, I went over to the cozy bed by whose side a book on the night stand awaited. As I flipped open the book to the bookmark and pulled myself together to concentrate on what the author had written, she caught my mind!

Was I dreaming? Was this even possible? How can I feel her presence when my heart had no room but for discontentment. But she was there. Initially hazy but gradually lucid, yes, she indeed was present. She was Bliss!

Dedicated to the bliss of reading a good book, no matter how dire my circumstances are!


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  1. Komal Shah Sharma says:

    Awesome dear…I just felt as if I am reading something by a best seller authors :-)..ur words and wirting skills have that impact. Loads of good luck and love to u…may u always have a BLISSFUL life 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you darling for the encouraging words. 🙂


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