What is Life but…

What is Life but a bar of chocolate,
A little wind fluttering the hair,
A slice of the juiciest mango,
And a chapter of Tom Sawyer.

What is Life but an afternoon siesta,
A phone call, with a good friend,
Revealing the deepest secrets,
Dark or not, one ought not to pretend.

What is Life but Sherlock Holmes,
And the hound on the Baskerville mire,
Closing upon the unsuspecting Sir Henry,
With its body glowing with fire.

What is Life but a road trip,
A long way we travel, my love,
With tarred roads beneath,  
And the blue skies above.

What is Life but the passion,
Around a game of cricket,
Of good length and bouncers,
Of silly points and wickets.

What is Life but a dance in the rain,
A birthday surprise and friends,
A day out with you, Mother,
Shopping for the latest trends.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. John Melvin says:

    Happening life 😃.. enjoy ..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Trying to sound happening 😉


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